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Woman of Destiny Life & Empowerment Coaching
a serving partner of Revealed International

I love Coaching! My life has been radically transformed as a result of it and now as a Certified Life Coach I want to help you. --Tarsha, Network Executive Director


Coaching can help you:


  • Expand your vision
  • Build your confidence
  • Unlock your potential
  • Establish strategies for success
  • Develop greater intimacy with God
  • Take practical steps toward your goals
  • Overcome anxiety, fear, or stress
  • Discover your passions and life purpose

Still wondering if coaching is for you?

Do the following describe you?


  • Lack of vision
  • Desire motivation
  • Unable to focus on goals
  • Living life without passion
  • Overwhelmed by everyday life
  • Seeking fulfillment and purpose
  • Feeling out of touch or out of sync
  • Experiencing spiritual death cycles
  • Stuck in an unproductive rut/going in circles
  • Having trouble embracing change/transitioning


If any of these things describe you, coaching can benefit you. Get in sync with God's will for your life.  Life Coaching can help you reclaim balance, control, motivation, purpose, vision and ultimately destiny fulfillment!



Coaching is drawing out of you what God has placed in you in order for you to gain personal mastery. This is done through the use of encouragement, accountability, and personal assessment tools and exercises that help you clarify and embrace your vision, mission, and desired goals. Unlike its secular counterpart, Christian Coaching is Spirit-led, and can help you discover God’s will and timing for your life. Christian Coaching is a relationship/partnership where we assess current issues that are holding you back and develop a game plan to help you move forward towards your God-given destiny. It’s an amazing, proactive process that concentrates on building your strengths and skills. It involves me, as a coach, helping you unveil your divine gifts, talents and potential. Christian Coaching is an empowering journey of that allows you to unlock, unmask and reveal the "real you"!


As a Certified Christian Life Coach I will come along side to help you establish, and set in motion tailored solutions that will initiate positive transformation, growth, and productivity.


Here's what others are saying about coaching:


"Before I started coaching with Tarsha, I felt like my life was like that of the rat you see on television in the cage. Like that rat, I felt like I was going around and around in circles, but never getting anywhere. I heard pastors and ministers say that if you wanted to get something that you never had before, you had to do something that you've never done before. I had never had a coach. Every area of my life began to change after Tarsha started coaching me. I can truly say, that next to accepting Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior, coaching is the second best investment that I could have ever made."  -- Ernestine McCray




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